TRANSCODE is one of the region's leading Conferences in transport and logistics with international recognition (participants from around 20 countries).

A great networking opportunity where you can promote your ideas and create new relationships with like-minded scientists and professionals.

TRANSCODE systematically promotes scientific and professional cooperation by introducing innovative solutions and suggesting ways for companies to implement them.

The scope of the main topics covers many relevant issues outlined and discussed during the Conference, such as sustainable urban mobility and logistics, safety and policy, data science, process automation, inventory forecasting, improving competitiveness in the transport and logistics services market, and raising customer satisfaction.

The main aim of the Conference is to inspire innovation in the transport industry by providing the opportunity for scientists and practitioners to work together.

Focus of TRANSCODE 2025 is "The New Era of Transport & Logistics: Balancing Technology, Sustainability and Accessibility".


Case studies and papers related to:

Air Traffic Management
Air Transport and Aeronautics
Alternative Propulsion Systems
Behavioural Science in Transport
Big Data in Transportation
Blockchain in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
City Logistics
Climate Change
Connected and Automated Mobility
Crisis Management in Transportation and Logistics
Cybersecurity, Data Ethics and Privacy in Smart Mobility Solutions
Data and Information Technology
Decision Support Analysis and Operation Research
Gamification in Transport
Green Urban Mobility Solutions
Inland Waterways Traffic and Transport
Intelligent Traffic Infrastructure
Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
Maritime Logistics and Smart Ports
Marketing Strategies in Smart Transportation
Modelling and Simulation in Transport
Multimodal Transportation and Logistics
Postal Traffic and Networks
Railway Engineering Design and Operation
Resilient and Agile Logistics
Resilient Transport
Roads Planning, Design and Construction Issues
Smart City and Smart Mobility
Sustainable Logistics and Mobility
Traffic Data Analytics
Transport Economics, Finance, and Pricing
Transport Equity Appraisal
Transport and Logistics Systems in Tourism
Transportation Policy
Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering
Transportation Safety and Security

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